Automatically alert your relatives everywhere and all the time
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A connected watch to alert everywhere and all the time

The connected watch Co-assist enables elder people to trigger an alert by simply pressing the panic button and automatically detects the falls . Equipped with a GPS, it can also automatically detect when a person departs from home.

But above all, what is particularly innovative with Co-assist is that an alert can be triggered at home and outside. For this, Co-assist relies on an innovative technology that gives it an energy autonomy of several months further extending the autonomy and safety of the user.

Discover the features of Co-assist


Alert button

A button is used to report an alert manually if there is a problem.

Automatic falls sensor

The watch automatically detects falls accompanied by shock and followed by immobility so typically falls with loss of consciousness where the user is not able to press the alert button.

Position tracking and zone exit alert

The watch can constantly monitor the user’s position. The position is updated every five minutes and is accurate to about ten meters outside the buildings. A security zone can be configured to receive an alert when the user leaves it.

Non-port detection

The watch automatically detects if it is no longer worn after a configurable time of 1:30 to 48 hours.

Low Battery

The watch sends an alert when its battery becomes low and another when it is empty.

Discover the advantages of Co-assist

Inside and outside

The Co-assist watch makes it possible to alert inside and outside wherever Sigfox network covers. Outside, the alerts are geolocated.

Very long autonomy

The Co-assist watch has 2-3 months of energy autonomy and is rechargeable by induction. In case of activation of position tracking, the battery is 1-2 weeks.


The Co-assist watch is water-resistant, designed to never leave the user.

No installation

The Co-assist watch communicates on Sigfox networks and therefore does not require any installation at the user’s home.


Alerts can be enabled or disabled based on the user’s profile. Once the alert is triggered, the Co-assistants are informed by the means of your choice: automated telephone calls, sms, e-mail, mobile app.

Create a direct link to your relatives

To report an alert, simply press the button . But the watch also automatically detects falls and gives the alert directly to the relatives you have designated. In addition, it reminds you to wear it if you remove it.

Once the alert is triggered, your relatives are contacted by phone through our automated alert service or via a notification on the dedicated smartphone application . They are called one after the other according to their proximity to the alert to be able to assist you as quickly as possible. Also, through the dedicated application, carers are able to communicate with each other to better organize your assistance.

Beyond this effective alerting process, you can configure the solution to send smsemails or phone calls.

Configure the solution that’s right for you

The Co-assist watch comes with a web interface configuration. This interface makes it possible to follow the last alerts, the battery level, the state of the updates and the last known positions of the user (last alerts or position tracking). The web interface also allows you to configure the watch. Each alert can be activated or deactivated depending on the profile of the user. For each alert, a specific communication mode is defined for the Co-assistants to read the alert.

Do you find that complicated? No problem, the Co-assist team will configure the whole solution for you according to your wishes.


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You are a senior housing professional

Co-assist can deploy its solution within your institution. Co-assist can be used for autonomous people who want to keep their freedom of movement while being safe, for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or for regular fallers. The Co-assist alert watch can also completely replace your sick call at a lower cost as it does not require work in the facility.

The solution is directly connected to the service phones (DECT) which are called in loop or one after the other.

Thanks to its exceptional  energy autonomy, Co-assist does not increase the workload of the staff.

You want to propose Co-assist to your professional or private clients

You can offer Co-assist to your customers to make them more secure. Co-assist adapts to your business and your added value by separating the bricks from its service. Through the use of the Sigfox network, Co-assist can be offered in many countries around the world.

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